The Guard Of The Tribe In 1947 my late father Harry Charles Farmer was stationed with the British Army in Palestine during the last period of the British Mandate. A keen photographer, he took quite a few photos of various parts of Palestine and also Egypt and luckily these photos survive in very good condition.

The strength of the photos lies in the fact that as well as the normal tourist photos of The Holy Sepulchre, Church Of The Nativity etc, there also many photos of Palestinians going about their daily lives. One can see shoe shine men, farmers, people in bus queues, camel drivers, sheep herders and people enjoying themselves on the beach.

The photos are a vivid record of a time long past and places long gone and as such will be of interest to many who will share with me a fascination for this part of the world.

I have done my best to label the photos based on my father’s own labels but as many of these are missing, I would welcome any help in identifying any of the unknown places or people in the photographs.

C A Farmer

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